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Radix operates various gas tank containers.
Meet the most systemic global DOOR-TO-DOOR gas transport service from now on.

Gas cargos that we handle

Transport equipment and service / Gas Tank

Gas Tank is used to transport liquefied gas. It has been designed to remain as vacuum state and endure high pressure while maintaining the pressure and temperature of the evaporation point, which allows safe and sound delivery. T50 Tank is a tank for high-pressure gas transport, which compresses and transports gas to high pressure and even can carry smaller amount of cargo than the minimum loading quantity with splash plates (baffle) mounted within the tank. T75 Tank is a tank for cryogenic liquefied gas, which condense gas in the cryogenic state and transports the liquefied gas. Once gas is liquefied, it can be transported about 600~800 times more capacity than that of gas, making it efficiently transported. Moreover, its vacuum insulation allows it to maintain the cryogenic state within the tank, and an inner pressure control device has been embedded to maintain the pressure.

  • T50 : High Pressure Gas Tank

    Cargoes – Industrial Gas, LPG, Refrigerant Gas, DME, DMA, Methyl Chloride, Ammonia Anhydrous

  • T75 : Cryogenic Gas Tank

    Cargoes – LIN, LOX, LAR, LCO2, LN2O, LNG, Ethane, Ethylene