LADIX 스킵네비게이션

About company


Radix is a
logistics company
specialized in ISO Tank.

Based on our many years of know-how on chemical container, inland transport, maritime transport and local logistics in many overseas countries as well as mutual confidence with customer, Radix has been constantly developing every year while expanding our service territory even to logistics of high-pressure liquefied gas and cryogenic liquefied gas.
In particular, Radix is an ISO tank specialist that currently has the largest number of special ISO tanks for high purity chemical for semiconductor, hydrogen peroxide and cryogenic liquefied gas in Korea. We provide the most suitable logistics service with our professional and prompt response to customer needs.

Many experts of each sector
are working for Radix.

Led by our CEO who used to be the first generation of Korean ISO tank industry, many experts from various sectors are passionately driven to make their best effort. The staffs who are fluent in many kinds of foreign languages provide such clear communication from the very start of logistics until the end through close communication with our worldwide partners. Other staffs with International Trade Specialist certificate can satisfy customer’s curiosity about trade as well and offer consulting for successful business. Radix, whose goal is to develop into a global logistics company, always supports our staffs’ self-improvement within our respectful organizational culture, pursues an aim to be best in global market as well as domestic, and makes our best effort to realize customer satisfaction and success through communication and cooperation.

Now Radix will develop into a global logistics company
that gets closer to all of our customer’s success.

We sincerely appreciate your constant support and encouragement ever since 2008 when we were first founded, which allowed us to become a leading pioneer of ISO tank logistics in Korea. Now is the time for Radix, who is never satisfied with the current position and acknowledgement, to take a further leap again to become a global logistics company. We promise that we will develop into your sincere business partner who can provide constant and steady trust and satisfaction to eventually lead a way to your glorious success.
We Find Your Way To Success!