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Meet our customized containers.

Radix provides transport service to each region around the world swiftly, safely and systemically by using containers. Since we offer various special containers as well as general containers, you can find any kind of customized containers that perfectly matches your products.

  • GP Container (General Purpose Container)

    GP Container (General Purpose Container) is a container most commonly used for transporting general cargoes.

  • Flexibag

    Flexibag is a disposable container for transporting chemical products, oil, fuel, food, etc. in replacement of drum and IBC. Only non-hazardous liquid cargoes can be loaded when Flexibag is installed at 20’GP container, and we provide and install a collection of Flexibags in various sizes according to the trait and loading quantity of cargoes.

  • Reefer Container

    Reefer Container is a container equipped with refrigerating equipment, which is used for transporting frozen food. It is suitable for transporting fresh food or cargoes that require constant temperature.

  • Open Top Container

    Open Top Container is a container that can load cargoes of a size higher than the standard of general container.

  • Flat Rack Container

    Flat Rack Container is a container used for loading heavy cargoes such as machinery or lumber and cargoes that are higher and wider than the dimensions of general container. Designed to transport large-sized machinery or heavy equipment, this container is usually operated at the project level and suitable for transporting facilities needed for building large-sized factory.