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We provide a global door-to-door one-stop service.

By processing domestic ground and railway transport along with international maritime transport, we have implemented our door-to-door logistics service to the final destinations of various countries around the world. We deliver any kinds of products that our customers handle to their destinations in a safe, fast and economical way. Meet all the services related to global logistics.

Export & Import

By utilizing our various networks around the world, we provide the best logistics service that enables swift and safe delivery to the place and at the time that our customer wants, with guaranteed same-level of quality in any region. Supporting various kinds of collateral services including customs clearance from shipping point to destination and inland transport, we provide the most appropriate and efficient method and service for inland and maritime transport at the most economical price, by taking all the traits of any kind of cargo such as its size, shape and weight into consideration through such thorough arrangement and preparation in advance. We utilize the general tank and container as well as special container that are specialized for maritime export/import transport with an ISO (International Standard Organization) certification to provide efficient and economical transport method for various kinds of cargo and to comprehensively and systemically manage the whole process of cargo delivery to its final destination, while providing intensive customer care by appointing dedicated salesperson and staff in charge for each customer.

  • Consulting

    With our many years of logistics service experiences of diverse domestic and overseas intermodal transportation, we provide customized consulting service to eventually upgrade our customer’s competitive edge. On top of it, we provide satisfaction, quality service by raising mutual confidence with our customer with our exceptional communication, quick response and reasonable fee, while satisfying various customer needs through our differentiated consulting service by the experts of global logistics field.

  • Overseas Stock Sale

    By storing cargoes at the Radix bonded warehouse in collaboration with our overseas partner in order to enhance our customer’s competitive edge at the local destination, we provide a total logistics service that enables our customer to quickly cope with requests for customs clearance and delivery from overseas buyers.

  • Warehousing

    By collaborating with the major domestic ports and warehouses located close to industrial complex, we support various kinds of delivery terms that customers want while providing a total solution from storage of cargo to repackage service. In addition, we provide customized storage service that satisfies customer requests with various business terms and conditions by operating hazardous goods and bonded warehouses as well as general warehouses in order for smooth inventory management of our customers.

  • Triangle Logistics

    Through our close partnerships, we even provide a triangle logistics service from overseas production base that does not pass through Korea to overseas destination. That is, we suggest an optimal one-stop logistics solution in accordance with various customer needs.

  • Goods Insurance

    Based on our long-term business relationship with a professional global insurer, we help you to take out the perfect cargo insurance for export/import that complies with the terms and conditions of our customer.